Raymond Kopa, Napoleon was football Ballon d'Or 1958

Raymond Kopa, el Napoleón de fútbol que fue Balón de Oro en 1958
Raymond Kopa, Napoleon football

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Raymond Kopa Possibly one of the greatest players in soccer history whose recognition is not according to his football. And this French son of Polish immigrants was one of the great geniuses of the ball way back in the distant decades of 50 y 60. Football and pure creativity that led him to be part of the best teams then.

Kopa fue un extremo inigualable. Balón de oro en 1958.
Kopa was unmatched end. Golden ball in 1958.

Koppita called for his short stature, his childhood was marked by an incident in a mine that caused the amputation of the index finger of his left hand. However a setback, I knew the best way to overcome: playing football. Because playing football, was what made life and how.

With scarcely 18 years as part of the SCO Angers, club where would two years, and wherein the moniker would win “Napoleon of football”, thanks to its many turns, pretend, assists and endless juggling the ball (He invented the famous play 1-2), how few, to say, ninguno, They were able to do at the time. Basically because that was what was Kopa, a midfielder for up to mark, but with class and talent above any other virtue. A Zidane, an Iniesta, for those younger with a spectacular art to tread the ball and never lose.

Of course the two big teams were Stade de Reims and Real Madrid. In the first began in 1951 hasta 1956. Five years in which he won two league titles and galas Copa America (the predecessor of the European Cup). A period of splendor which served to win the hearts of French fans club, who enjoyed his “football-champagne”. Time also where confidence gained French coach, quien 1952 would debut with a national team that would play two World highlighting especially its role in Sweden 58, where next to Fontaine would form a deadly duo that would bring France into the semifinals.

Raymond Kopa, el Napoleón de fútbol
Raymond Kopa, Napoleon football

Even though, sin duda, It would be passing through the Real Madrid which would mark him as a great international star. Allí, would coincide with the Madrid Ye-Ye, ese Of Stefano (whose figure forced him to play on the right wing) , Gento and Puskas to be signed shortly after winning the first European Cup. A team full of stars, where Kopa not jarred, sino más bien todo lo contrario, dazzle. Era él, brain, the heart of a team that would win three European Cups over for Real Madrid, Amen two Spanish Leagues.

"It was enough to stick a shot to Gento or giving it to Kopa, that he trod, and trod, and trod, and he never lost ", He said about him, marquitos, he saw the “fransuá” (as well they called him) ganaba en 1958 his only Golden Ball, doing justice to its spectacular and consistent performance over a box game.

Three years at Real Madrid were enough to make him nostalgic return to Stade de Reims, partly because of the personal problems that led to the cancer death of her son, and lack of link to the Spanish life of his wife. Something, which even led him to rule out a multimillion-dollar renovation offering white club. En 1966, after winning two new leagues, It is definitely retire, going to take over as coach.

A perfect end to a dream player that ever had the misfortune of being in the shadow of the greatest: either rival (Skin) or fellow (Of Stefano).

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