The emotional reason Damonte always looking sidewards in team photos

La emotiva razón por la que Damonte siempre mira hacia un lado en las fotos de equipo
Damonte gesture on each team photo (Photo: Twitter: Nicolas Lopresti)

Last update 12 April, 2018 by Javi Argudo

The story became viral on twitter thanks to journalist Nicholas Lopresti, de TyC Sports. Israel Damonte, player who currently plays for Huracán and has the habit of looking to one side when your computer is for the photo before each game. And not only now in Hurricane, the steering wheel has also done on other computers com Students, Chicago, Godoy Cruz and Nacional.

It might seem that this is a hobby or superstition but as Lopresti explained in his official account twitter, Damonte makes to remind his brother David, died on 24 from December to 2009 in a traffic accident.

Por lo visto, David was very confused and at a family Christmas photo shoot came in that position in all of them prompting the anger of his mother. Since then, brothers joked posing in many photos and. Now, as has Israel: “It's a way to keep it alive”. A nice story.

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