Johan Cruyff's Dream Team

El Dream Team de Johan Cruyff
Cruyff's Barça marked an era. FOTO:

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Many young people remember that Barcelona of Guardiola's sextet. But the oldest remember the “Dream Team” de Johan Cruyff where Pep himself directed the team from midfield.

.A team that amazed the world football public in the late 80's and early 90's. Many years have passed since then but we want to travel to that moment in time to bring back this powerful team, that reigned when Messi was practically a newborn.

Dream Team de Cruyff
The youngest remember this Guardiola team, Messi and Co.. But before them was Cruyff's Dream Team. FOTO:

The origin of Johan Cruyff's Dream Team

It all started in 1988. The Barca, jaded to see how the Real Madrid of the “Quinta del Vulture dominated the local championship decided to give the reins to a former player illustrious, one of the best players who ever stepped on a level playing field, to dutch Johan Cruyff.

With President Nuñez tightrope after a decade (the 80's) with more failures than successes, the extent to regain the Dutch to give the helm of the ship culé, It seemed more populist than effective. In fact, introduced the first changes were not well regarded Cruyff. He chose to play with fewer defenses, bands with two open ends and play with talented midfielders instead of muscle.

A su vez, He bets strongly by the quarry, giving command of the team to a young man from Saint Fart who played soccer on foot but had plenty. This young man was none other than Pep Guardiola, who would later make history as culé coach with the sextete team. His success stemmed from Dream Team the Johan Cruyff.

Un joven Guardiola en sus inicios en el Barcelona
A young Guardiola in his beginnings at Barcelona PHOTO: Brand

In his first season, Barca Dutch flyer, He won the Recopa but the domestic competition was dominated by the “Vulture” and his band, which it's, I despaired at Barça fans.

Cruyff's philosophy was to take two years to be implemented, but after, They were four of the best years of the blaugrana history and origin of many others, Cruyff because not only planted his seed in the first team but how to work the quarry from which emerged after the current cracks that form every Sunday in the first team.

The arrival of Koeman, Laudrup and Stoichkov

Cruyff found in his compatriot Ronald Koeman the ideal start to the game that was developed delight all football fans in general player. Tintin, as they called it at fair resemblance to the comic hero, It was the first to develop close and had an exceptional kicking ball. In the set pieces was a true master.

With a young Pep Guardiola pulling the strings and two ends as the bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov, Barcelona took advantage of the wonders of Michael Laudrup to finish off the plays. Cruyff was the first without playing with nine pure on several occasions, definitely being a pioneer at a time when it was unthinkable. In the last stage of “Dream Team” I arrive Romario who during a season did enjoy the Nou Camp.

Cruyff remained from 1988 hasta 1996 on the bench for Barcelona, aunque en 1991 a serious heart condition in a somewhat excessive life was about to leave him offside and send to another neighborhood, something that unfortunately would happen in 2016 many years after his ‘Dream Team. He spent a month and a half off the team and returned to continue making large to Barcelona.

In those almost 10 years that remained on the bench, el Barcelona ganó: defunct Cup Winners' Cup Europe (1989); a King's Cup (1990); Four league titles in a row (desde la 90/91 a la 93/94) and the first European Cup history, contra la Sampdoria en Wembley en 1992 with that unforgettable goal of Ronald Koeman in the second part of the extension, a superb free kick shot.

Las 2 Leagues in Tenerife and the end of the Dream Team

Three of those four leagues, the he won in the last day, two of them to Real Madrid who lost them in a row against Tenerife, almost in the same way and the last to Deportivo de la Coruña with that penalti de Djukic against him Valencia. En 1994 Barcelona would vapulear to Real Madrid a sonrojante 5-0, with superstar Romario ( a recordar la “Cola Cow” he did to Rafa Alkorta)

En 1994, Barca would reach another final of the European Cup but in Athens, Milan would thrashing with a blunt 4-0 al “Dream Team” what would mark the beginning of the end of this great team. That summer there was a stampede and even Michael Laudrup, one of the leaders of this legendary team was leaving the eternal rival, al Real Madrid.

The following season would be a disaster, Dropped League, they were going to witness the victory of Valdano's Real Madrid who, led by Laudrup, I was going to return the 5-0, just a year later with a hat-trick this time the Chilean Ivan Zamorano. Romario left that winter and players like Stoichkov left the ship at the end of that season(although the Bulgarian would years later).

En 1996, after losing the final of the Copa del Rey 1996 ante el Atlético de Madrid of the double and be neither Liga runners-up, Cruyff's time at the club was going to end and with it a spectacular generation, a spectacular team that reinvented football and I teach this sport is more than what they propose some. A stele has increased more than even the current Barcelona close to perfection but had its bases in this legendary team.

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