That mythical Sampdoria early 90

Aquella mítica Sampdoria de principios de los 90
The Sampdoria of the late 80 y principios de los 90 made history. FOTO: Historic calcium

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The Sampdoria of Genoa was a great of Italy. Por ello, we want to remember a mythical Italian team that at the end of the years 80 y principios de los 90 He triumphing inside and outside its borders. That mythical set how often and was feared him out of European bombos. Nacido en 1946, This classic Italian football is the result of two former city teams Genoa, el Sampierdarenese y el Andrea Doria, both emerged at the end of the nineteenth century. In fact, its blue and white colors are due to the uniforms of the two teams merged.

The Sampdoria, a club with tradition and history

The early years Sampdoria They were not easy, as the team remained in the shadow of the big city team: the Genoa, equipment with which it shares the famous stadium Luigi Ferraris since that year 46, and which dispute the great classic of the city called, el Lantern Derby. Precisamente, Curve ultras “Tito Cucchiaroni” It is one of the most famous and oldest in Italy.

Up and down intermittently, la Sampdoria gave a change of course in 1979 with the arrival of Paolo Mantovani businessman, who set a goal to strengthen the team as a big world football. And what if they would get. Based on a large outlay by major players would get the team win 1985 his first official title: the Italian Cup. Sin embargo, it would be only the spearhead of the team, since the arrival the following year of Vujadin Boskov the bench revolutionized the whole. With Russian coach the team won its second Cup 1988, which would allow him to play in 1989 the old Recopa.

Boskov and Mantovani led Sampdoria to the highest. FOTO: Historical football

A Recopa in which would play a leading role, to the reach the final and only being beaten by Barcelona (his bete noire) por 2-0. In domestic competitions, things were marching and the team would be awarded the Cup again. The season 1989-90 it would be the most successful team since it would raise its only European title: the Cup Winners' Cup. to the defeat in the final Anderlecht. Nor would it be bad the next campaign, la 90-91, ya que la Sampdoria was going to make history by winning his only Scudetto with a five-point advantage over the then feared AC Milan de Sacchi. A league title, which it added a new Cup final, this time lost.

The Sampdoria of the early 90

With a slam dunk with Boskov fans and players as emblematic as Ginaluca Pagliuca, Gianluca Vialli, Roberto Mancini, Pietro Vierchwod or the great local idol Attilio Lombardo, the team would do in the season 91-92 the great machada of standing in the final of the European Cup. With a packed Wembley, solo el Dream Team the Johan Cruyff (thanks to the famous Koeman's free kick) he would remove from the European scepter.

Sampdoria y Barcelona jugaron la final de la Copa de Europa de 1992.
Sampdoria and Barcelona played the final of the European Cup 1992. FOTO: Sports world

It was the glorious era of Samp I would see as a 14 de octubre de 1993 he was dying his great mentor: Paolo Mantovani. A turning point for a template that despite, he would be crowned champion Cup 1994 and finish third in Serie A. Sin embargo, Mandovani's death was not fully accepted by the team that gradually began its decline despite the hiring of great players such as Clarence Seedorf , Christian Karembeau one to “brujita” Veron and that it was going to end with the best times of a club that in the 21st century hopes to one day return to repeat those successes that made the Italian club one of the cock.

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