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A clear and resounding example of personal and professional improvement is, without a doubt, Mexican Miguel Layún. If you just 4 o 5 years football fans in Mexico had assured us that is born in Córdoba, -the Veracruz 25 June 1988- would be in 2016 not only playing but shining in Europe, priced at 6 million and become vital piece of one of the most famous teams of the continent, and also a worthy representative of the national sport, we would have made a joke and surely we would desternillado laughing just imagining this picture.

And is that before 2012, the side or midfielder was an event on the courts, but not for his brilliance in handling the ball, but on the contrary, for his clumsiness with him in the feet and its continuous errors-in prejudice to his equipment and low productivity. Everyone wondered how it is that the Atalanta, Series A listed Italian, I had had in their ranks in the season 2009-10, although its passage through the country of the boot was almost anecdotal, forcing him to return to Mexico.

I was one of his harshest critics and often called him "Flintstones" for their individual technical null, and I asked what he did in 1. Division a boy who had so evident primary limitations to the practice of professional football. Then ran version (never officially proven, by the way) his father was a wealthy and influential businessman who earned veracruzano political and / or economic favors to America, or to Televisa club, its proprietor and therefore kept strictly title.

It was then that the phrase came up which was hashtag on social networks, later-with which it was linked and identified for years: "Everything is the fault of Layún". Numerous "memes" and reports seriously and jokingly came to light in his honor, always making fun of their technical conditions.

Yet another positive point that "naked" personality, is that in the acute stage claims, where social networks abounded not only critical (rightly or wrongly) but gross insults at him, He was able to maintain equanimity and never became embroiled in disputes with opponents, you have a Twitter you a Facebook, showing full respect for the views of common fan, even the grossest.

Pero por allá de 2013, Miguel began to substantially improve your game, and there is no doubt I think that was through the work of daily effort, staying overtime to practice after training, since their major mistakes came from their limited kicking ball.

He was champion with America in May of that year, accounting for him-precisely ironies of fate and honor the right to decide the title in the final against Cruz Azul, I had to be decided on penalties exciting series and under a torrential downpour that added more drama at the time, after the Eagles were left with 10 players almost from the beginning of the duel.

The famous phrase "all the fault of Layún" became more effective then, since their strike and the right bottom corner of the goal rival, not only did his team champion but gave the reason coach Miguel Herrera (one of its greatest advocates and promoters, and who then take the national team and the World Brazil 2014), leaving behind the gray stage of their constant technical and tactical errors.

The year of the World Cup dream was for veracruzano, since he not only attended as a permanent fixture in the Tricolor to the appointment in South American soil in June, but in December he got a new league scepter with the Eagles, Now being key figure in the scheme of Antonio Mohamed, achievement that projected in the winter to Watford (English Championship, I mean, 2ª. Division), with a contract 4 Years and a half.

Until this decision was criticized defender: much of Americanism, I already had "forgiven" for his early mistakes and had as one of its favorites, I railed since left the squad azulcrema champion and ample opportunities to win the title, and further wherein the second captain, exiled to a "second best" football and -Se believe her with little projection.

However, midseason was enough to position the Cordovan player in Europe, since it won the second place and promotion to the top flight with Watford. And just debuted with the team in the Premier League already noted, to get his first goal in the team's debut, in August 2015. Porto already had "his eye", and within weeks he agreed with the Hornets on loan for only Mexican 500 one thousand dollars, to own, and today the Dragons investment is more than justified.

Until now, Layún has 16 assists so far this season 2015-16 (22 journeys) and so it is with the German Mesut Özil leader in the Old Continent in this category (above consecrated figures as Angel di Maria, Kevin de Bruyne Neymar), although one might add 2 passes goal in the Champions League, and it has also marked 2 entries in the Primeira Liga and one in the European tournament.

With the peculiarity usually play left back, although become skilful, Cordoba has quickly earned the affection of the Portuguese fans and the respect of the world press, already talk that the Porto take effect the purchase option with Watford (before disbursing 6 millions of euros) or its possible move to a team from the powerful German Bundesliga.

Be whatever lay ahead Miguel, It is a fact that his recent success, his example of perseverance and effort, their attitudes inside and outside the court, They make it a garbanzo of a pound within the conformist and mediocre common denominator of the Mexican footballer, It not distinguished precisely by their dedication to a profession that gives them all and respect for those who maintain and enliven the spectacle of football: the viewer.

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

voracious reader, passionate writer, and hungry follower good game of football at any latitude and time. Romantic heart and ball, proudly Mexican and hanged for football.
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