The best interests of the world

The best interests of the world
Boca's is one of the best hobbies in the world. PHOTO:

Who or what are the best interests of the world? That's the dilemma posed today Hanging by the Football. In virtually every field it is essential to support. The home team usually play better, partly because it has the “player 12” which it serves to intimidate the contrary and especially the referee. They are not always the most numerous hobbies the best. Sometimes, enough that they are just loud and bouncy, but never violent. But what is the best hobby in the world? ¿Which country has the best soccer fans in the world?? Let's contribute our list.

What are the best hobbies in the world??



1- Boca Juniors

Boca's fans are known as ‘The 12‘. In the candy box, match days rather one could say that the player feels he is in a pressure cooker. Chanting the team, memories neighbors “millionaires”, the case is to go to this mythical stadium of Buenos Aires is quite an unforgettable adventure.

2- Tigers

Mexican side can boast possibly the best fans around the northern hemisphere. tireless, tireless e “incomparable (so as autodenominan), They have come to create invasions “felines” in other stadiums exceeded 25.000 tigers. colorful fans, Bouncy and friendly, has it all. It is true that Barcelona or Manchester may be more numerous, but in no way, top. It is one of the hottest hobbies in Mexico. Not in vain, Its stadium has the nickname 'El Volcán'.


3- Corinthians

With about 106.000 partners, Brazilian fans of one of the most successful clubs in the history Paulistas is one of the largest in the world. The songs, dances and positive energy they are able to move their players make him deserve to be on this third position.

4- Liverpool

You´re never walk alone. Be in Anfield and hear this song in the throat followers “reds” priceless. The stadium tone just singing the song most emblematic football. The passion with which the arrivals to the area and corners are lived do the rest. Just great. without a doubt one of England's best fans. And that is not easy since on the islands we find many.

5- Atlético de Madrid

In Spain, there are many more numerous hobbies, like those of Madrid and Barcelona, but none without much enthusiasm as the colchoneros. Faithful to the team even in defeat, Calderon go first and then the Metropolitan City represents an acute vocal exercise, especially for the staunchest, Front Athletic. It is one of the World's best interests and of course, one of the best in Spain.


6- Naples

A Sao Paolo, Diego Armando Maradona created a before and after in his step back in the 80. Maradona filled San Paolo the day of his presentation and shortly after dying, the stadium got its name. The mythical transalpine stadium is always a hotbed for the whole team that goes there. The memories 10 Argentinian, of course, not lacking. The hottest of all Italy.

7 Galatasaray

In its new Ali Sami Yen stadium, more than a sign that says Galatasaray should appear welcome to Hell. Walking sticks, fireworks and deafening screams are some of the kindest things you can find opponents. Spectacular.


8- Olympiakos

If the Turkish woman we mentioned before is hot, in this there are some degrees on the thermometer, sometimes even, too many, especially when rockets misuse and violence. And the Greek passion knows no bounds.

9- Celtic de Glasgow

Other You´re never walk alone shocking. Everybody stand up, all with their scarves in the wind and all singing. Hosting any team in Celtic Park in just film. As they say, if there were no Catholic hobby, it would have to be invented.


10- Borussia Dortmund

The Südtribune tier is the largest foot of Europe 25.000 encouraging viewers endlessly yellow. It seems that not fit, It seems to fall, but what is clear is that neither one nor the other. Just have fun and make fun. One of the best interests of the world.


Other of the best soccer fans on the planet

The fans of Atlético Nacional in Colombia

Spectacular Sevilla fans at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán

Also in Avellaneda, Argentina, we find the Independent

The 'Little Maracana'’ from Belgrade, Red Star's home

Chivas de Guadalajara, Mexico. Known as 'The Flock'’

San Mames, in Bilbao, Spain

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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82 thoughts on “The best interests of the world

  1. Who has cast article or is smoked or is sudamerica. It has see if you get the head that Boca is not nearly the first, nor Tigers. = Madness as a p * ta goat, or you do not know football

  2. Corinthians balloons is known as Fiel, singing and supports all the time and crossed the world to the end of Fifa Club World Cup 2012, placing about 40.000 fans at Yokohama Stadium. Go Corinthians!

  3. I know I'm malisimo to play football but now let me or I'll mourn want to be like my dad Tuca Ferreti.

  4. With full respect, afiera can not stop the fans of Atletico Peñarol Club, the wue for example when neymar took the field at the end of the call and liberators that image was hell, but from 60 thousand people shouting and singing, less marketing and more passion, gracias !

  5. The asshole who said the best hobby is Atlas, prndejos pinches are not cats that's not hobby are assholes 50 years is a mockery of what you hold is not mentally retarded sons of bitches

  6. ue some fans out here commenting, best fans do not understand that is not because the stadium vallan more, It is the one that relies more on a party, with songs and that there is nothing like Boca, in the same River cluso, let fanaticism aside and accept realities, also throughout Argentina it is a culture that is so exciting hobby, there is no equal!!

  7. I would like to clarify that attribute or attributes are qualified to say it's the best fans.

  8. The tigers of the 2011 for aca….. sera!! busquenle of 2010 to back busquenle no mistake …please … Busquenle of 2009 to back ..incomparablemente hipocrita .

      1. have fool. Note that if you do not have enough resources or the internet is not fart from others. tigers baton always invaded company.. but go to youtube, the hobby of tigers has been since 2005…2000… and you will find photos of azteca..jalisco..argentina…and other place.

    1. you , you're rayadito , although I must say that undoubtedly also missed the fans of Monterrey nadita asks of my powerful TIGERS

    2. Find him your company. It has long been the hobby of tigers is the best. investigates, informed. even in the decline in the 96 Tigers filled the stadium. any other first division team hardly fills. least would fill in 2nd . eggs .

      1. the truth is that from the decenso, many did we Tigers, Cheap tickets sometimes given away, go see our mighty Tigers thrashing teams 2nd, That attracted many fans, as now with the cup mx, He was going to the stadium to watch your team thrashing

    3. Striped Leap!! Instead of walking reminiscing do something to stand out if they still have pride in the shirt!!

    4. Of course the best fans in NUEVO LEON IS ONE OF MTY AND NO HOBBY CLUB but also for various reasons:
      4 NOT they BOUGHT A Broadcasters TO DISCUSS antifútbol..

      1. AA click burned more championships but we short tournaments we pure Tigers

    5. You had to be scratched, so that the whole world knows this is a burned striped who lives in the shadow of tigers, because his team penguins tell them because they have chest cold, and encourage only when they win.

    6. were saying: of the 96 for aca, after 98 for aca, after 2001 for here and so and they go 2011. already bored with that shit. TIGERS is the fans faithful, EACH PARTY 45000 SOULS. filling courts outside. and unmatched support 90 min.y point.

  9. hahaha Tigers the best of Mexico that is more false than a ticket 3 Dollars,is better hobby Atlas because more than 50 years have not won anything and fans continues and continues to grow,Jalisco stadium filled,They travel from one place to another, support policies year after year come to fuck, sing whatever the weather, the stadium or the opponent.

    1. Atlas??? Oh please!!! if you say why 200 people who go game to game counting the INAPAM as good for that. Incomparable but there is only one and see us when we fill you Jalisco and the San Luis QEPD.

    2. Well, you say that the Atlas is the best fans in Mexico or the world and that are not in the first 10.

    3. Jajajaj nursed you with Atlas , I invite you to see a game on TV gala on a Saturday night when they play local, so you see that both the stadium is filled, that if not for the 51 be alone, so do not comment without knowing opines by.

    4. hahaha have endured all that compa, to a decline, even descended into the 96 The volcano is filled more than the tec and another stadium mexico.

    5. that fans of atlas disappear when black lions climb to first division


      t no desire Pena 50 years

      and not win anything
      already px q not t awites
      son lo mejor de lo best in the world mondo osae the beast of beast


  11. I had read this:

    The world ranking is led by Argentina's Boca Juniors. The podium is completed by Borussia Dortmund German and Scottish Celtic Glasgow. Top Ten World hobbies are to So Foot: 1. Boca Juniors (Argentina) 2. Borussia Dortmund (Germany) 3. Celtic Glasgow (Scotland) 4. Raja Casablanca (Morocco) 5. Naples (Italia) 6. Galatasaray (Türkiye) 7. Athletic de bilbao 8. Red Star (Serbia) 9. Urawa Red Diamonds (Japan) 10. Saint Etienne (France)

  12. If the Tigers says it's good just because “invade” It is only by IRLE a team loses only those penguins Tigers and are already
    with another shirt

  13. In fact it is not the only pag. Ka sister also. Ke tigers has one of the best hobbies in the world as seen kuando boat or take over madrid 25 000 people to another stadium is rare …..but it's true tigers has one of the best hobbies in the world hurts hurts ke kien.

  14. ami not fuck this list made me a tiger that has no database to check it also lacks many delas best as the river and the barzaa

  15. It notes that most criticize the source q is whether official, if this, or that even though the note reads, if they want to leave Barcelona q there is another list of the largest and subscribers, still are lists that takes time to collect information and good, If your computer does not seem sorry even if the list is made by a string of famous sports people or so would be happy if you do not like do not read and point.

    simply incomparable feeling!!!!
    The best of Mexico and the world's best…!!

  17. I think Boca whether it there and also deserves TIGERS 2nd place because no to state and lived as FEELS THE PASSION OF THE VOLCANO STADIUM is something else , 45ml people singing at the same time communion between hobby and swollen so few Incomparable FAMOUS are already known worldwide!!

    1. The volcano does not weigh…few local victories had this season? I have gone many times supporters are LyL, Now if you are winning and the crowd is heard

      1. Respect your comment Celta and endless fight or so.. but it has been found that it is not, still losing the crowd encouraging one voice, living examples of recent defeats against america hurting more and populates last season and this season the classic last.. even with the defeat everyone singing with one voice.. and one of those voices was mine.. =) Greetings!

      2. will you go once a year my kid reads well note, This is hobby, fellowship and encouragement of the fans, I have been in various stages not only of the republic if not of Latin America and have found that if the Boca fans are amazing not only the day you go to the stadium is swelling day by day as the tiger are day day hurts when you lose and celebrate the triumphs with great joy every Saturday or Sunday playing the team.
        For my part I can say I am proud of the best fans in Mexico who has achieved great things as a fan and as a team may not yet but that does not stop us to feel love and passion for our colors

    1. is a web 100% Spanish and impartial, That has to be clear

      1. Alberto, that's what VDD not clear. with all due respect that is based on this TOP 10? says not only official source has therefore beyond doubt the truth would be avoided if we had clear what were the variables that are taken into account to value this ranking there on out good note.


        1. you think to say is a list created by colgadosporelfutbol is not having a source? after I kill me

  18. Mexican fans of Los Tigres UANL are so good that they fight among… Wow, that admirable!

  19. Common denominator of many of these 10 best interests.
    The losers , already merito.
    Why they stand hobbies.
    Real – Atletico ateltico best team for the best hobby Real, so the Napoles, and that kind of equipment which highlights more suaficion your computer or suitcases !!!!!

  20. Who made this list?

    Surely he did someone who has no idea of ​​football.

    This list is neither that of Barcelona or Manchester United.
    I assume that this famous list was made by a fan of Tigers team who know neither at home.

    1. Hahaha I think exactly the same!! xD

      Which is the source? based on that punctuate this listing? … too iffy.

    2. Pure striped burned, your hobby is characterized by mamona, cold and reventadora, hold on.


    3. And where are you from??? If you do not know what Tigres is your SPEW, but INCOMPARABLE THERE IS ONLY ONE

    4. The Barcelona seems like this in the theater, They are a bunch of comepipas

    5. The Barcelona and Manchester? He who does not know football is another eh…

    6. Football is a universal passion, but in many parts of Europe, especially large, is a luxury to go to the stadium, Swollen why you stay with latinoamerica, Europe You should highlight some by country, Iberians are cold cold, if it saves the Athletes, of England have handled things as the only worthwhile is Liverpool, but you go to South America and there is a lot better, nor that of Penarol put it on the list for example, and now if you go further north would be worth only is the Tiger, point.

      1. Is the Atleti is saved? To see if you watch some video of BIRIS NORTE, the ultra Sevilla FC. I saw a video of them singing their anthem a cappella I was impressed…

    7. This note Argentina made a well-known source in the Southern Cone greetings!

      1. Not at all, is a web 100% Spanish.

    8. Q course these are not the interests of Europe chidas pal threw ja mount Barca and ManU haha ​​haha ​​previously you said that of the coldest Madrid all

    9. The list of the best bars are made based on several factors, such as average number of fans per game entering, number of fans following their team playing out as local, number of fans visiting team workouts, there are teams with very large crowd, but only fill stadiums when local rather than when playing cards. It has been proven internationally and the fans of Tigres is incomparable because our invasions are famous, and we encourage our team go where you go and play where you play!

    10. Barcelona and Manchester moron not have the best interests, what is ignorance and not talking about teams we are talking swollen and that not all pelas!

    11. See For one thing we will learn not only to read, rather to understand what we read, Here we talk about the best interests not of the most numerous, is a list for the most numerous, that is apart and if your crowd is not on the list is simply because it is not the best, period, and I understand your ardor because even if you want just never feel that it is a follower of tigers and fans of this grandisima. I'm sorry friend…

    12. If I charge only offer you are talking about INTERESTS not who is the best team. Concentrate

  21. Of course!!! which is the Tigers, when they do not like anything, two things happen, like sheep they do what their official voice tells them, or cling including shock, because they defend the indefensible, cheers, when I grow up I want to be like you

    1. Come to Costa Rica and Saprissa go to the stadium to see a hobby, The only Boca exceeds, no paus wants to play at this stage, trembles their souls when they hear the fans singing. The Mexicanitos have good futobol but his love can not sing in a stadium, only truncheons say!!


    1. I think pq finished superlíderes and the more trassendentales leagues is champion first place in the tournament and Mx is among the few countries in the world where a league is played giving opportunity for a team mid-table to be champion with a good evening or taking advantage of an error contrary

      1. Where until qualifying in ninth place you can be champion

  23. tigers traveler, unparalleled support in victory and in defeat. Awante the U.

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