Julian Lucendo Jesus had his ten minutes of fame

Julian Lucendo Jesus had his ten minutes of fame
Cruyff and Lucendo, the two protagonists known as "lighting syndrome" PHOTOMONTAGE: Sport

Los ‘millenials’ today know who Jesus was Julian Lucendo. It was the first game of the season season 1989/90, Johan Cruyff's first beginning to build your “Dream Team.Obviously it was the debut and the first litmus test for a project that later would become one of the best in Barcelona's history but at that time aroused many doubts and apprehensions.

The FC Barcelona, Pucela visited, the field of Real Valladolid and Johan Cruyff gave the alternative to a kid 19 years at that time called Jesus Julian Lucendo I was going to enjoy his moment of glory, or rather their 57 minutes of glory. The first and last in the elite of Spanish football.

Who was Jesus Julian Lucendo?

But we place the protagonist of this story. Jesus Julian Lucendo It was at that time a midfielder quality, of those who liked the old farmhouse in 1989 was playing with Barcelona Amateur was the third team in the ladder culé, which would then Barcelona C.

Twist of fate Barcelona B was playing a tournament outside and Cruyff, as stated just begun on the bench Barca, He pulled Jesus Julian Lucendo for two friendly matches and so surprising for League debut, Heavyweights leaving the team at that time out of eleven of the call.

A) Yes, with 19 years lighting He seemed to touch the glory, I did not know is that this time, that day, this situation was to be his only and last experience in football elite. FC Barcelona, caught on a sorry game that ended in defeat for Cruyff and the young footballer was replaced at the minute 57.

Just 57 minutes playing First Division

They were his only 57 minutes in professional football. Cruyff press he charged against this decision and against Jesus Julian Lucendo that little guilt had nothing, alluding that did not have enough level to play for Barcelona or first. further, They alluded that he had not made the preseason first team and did not complete training with the first team because at that time he was conducting the extinct compulsory military service.

They were baited with him so that Cruyff took him up, and thank goodness that social networks were impossible to imagine at that time. He stopped training with the first team, down to the second and was loaned to the Balompédica Linense, Cartagena passed by and went to Andorra where it was from 1993 until 2003.

alli lighting, It became the international community to adopt nationality and Andorra, He played high-level international matches quarreling 27 games scoring three goals. Obviously the weak selection of Andorra did not win many games if any.

The birth of “lighting syndrome”

Likewise, in Andorra was a figure, playing between Second B, Third and Regional. Lucendo ended his football days 2003 far from where he had started. This caused her to put his name to the fact that a juvenile does not go far or stay on the road as he stayed.

He was born and the “lighting syndrome”. This syndrome is that a player who looks set to reach the highest level disappears for whatever reason and will no longer have their moment of glory nor the opportunity to try again. After him came many players who went to stars and ended estrellados, and they keep coming but leave the story of Lucendo, the man who had his 57 minutes of glory.

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