Jose Mourinho's decline

Jose Mourinho's decline
José Mourinho is already history of Manchester United. PHOTO: Brand

Jose Mourinho is history at Manchester United. After several seasons with more pain than glory and more 500 million spent, the English club has grown tired of being patient with Portuguese and has decided to dismiss the former “The Special One”. It is possibly one of the best coaches in history, at least in this century, although it seems to have entered a significant decline, perhaps because the character while he ate the coach.

Mourinho's dismissal costs the United 25 millions of euros

And all this despite the team Old Trafford he will come out firing Mou by a penny, a multimillion-dollar settlement. Pour into Portuguese will cost the United about 25 millions of euros. In a brief official statement, English club thanked the work of Mourinho during career two seasons and a half and I wish you success in your future.

Leave the club 19 points leader and 11 of the Champions

Despite having managed to classify United, although not brilliantly, for knockout Champions, your situation Premier It has ended by sentencing. Mourinho leaves the club 19 Liverpool and points 11 points of the Chelsea which is who closes the area Champions. All this despite having made during the two last two and half years one of the biggest investments in the history of club, almost 600 millions of euros.

Jose Mourinho has failed despite having all the means, at Manchester United. PHOTO: AS

The Portuguese always controversial

Jose Mourinho, to their 55 years, is one of the most controversial coaches in history, which it makes possibly while the character that was mounted was eaten to that success coach early XXI century. Best remembered lately for his controversial and incendiary phrases, that his training methods, tactical or technical decisions. La última, con Iker Casillas who has returned to revive the conflict that both lived at Real Madrid. And that they have already spent a lot of years.

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