Please dealings, the intrigues and selection: the weekly review of the institution

Last update 6 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

Have made headlines this week - once again - the favored treatment , the economic problems that continue to suffer our football and match-fixing. The European Commission continues to investigate the treatment they are receiving certain Spanish football clubs, which in other words we would say favoritism and unfairness that this entails with regard to other clubs who belong to the same Liga.

Those responsible have put the finger on, the aforementioned clubs are still incomprehensibly still not sports corporations, are curiously monopolize, They squander and are not subject to the control of a board of directors. No need to mention these clubs because the press and extols and we know who we are talking. From my blog I keep my personal battle against this topic, stating the need to end these differences in treatment, that adulterate the league championship and European and international competitions.

Another problem that haunts our football are the intrigues and sports betting. Last Wednesday Javier Tebas President of the LFP, stressed at the conference Leaders in Football, celebrada en Londres, the firm intention to end these practices stating that ” the perpetrators end up in jail”. While it is true that we all want the same, since the arrival of Thebes in charge has done nothing but talk, littering names, not present any evidence, not to act and to top policy support teams that I talk to in the first paragraph. Much ado about nothing or little yappy dog ​​bite, two popular sayings would be applicable to this subject.

We fans, lovers of this noble sport group, We cleaning and wish we all applicable terms football. That children, future stars of the sport, they transmit the values ​​of fair play competition. If we are not able to instill among all these values, fields will daily losing fans. Look at the bases and stop valuing certain soccer players with exorbitant sums of money. You have to set limits and ensure the sport king.

Finally, as this week there have been days of qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil 2014, our coach Del Bosque has finally decided to incorporate new wise to selection, welcome this new proposal is probably what is needed to tackle the biggest football competitions, although perhaps you should start giving more responsibility to some players and start a generational change. The team keeps playing like always, but the game has become predictable, monotonous and flat.

We are world champions and two-time European, but with the name and history are not still winning. What our colleague Koldo Sandoval said in his article yesterday and I recommend you read on this page. Del Bosque's team may have passed the “Get Taka” al “relaxing Tiki Taka” (often here if you want to read) and that can be a bad precedent. Never lose humility.

Sergio Barres

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