Marco Van Basten: the front of the years 80

Marco Van Basten: the front of the years 80
Marco Van Basten, one of the best strikers in history. PHOTO: Brand

Hanging by the Football presents one of the most complete strikers that have never existed: Marco Van Basten, that lanky Dutch striker that late 80 and early 90 shone in the areas of major soccer fields thanks to his spectacular technique and its effectiveness in front of goal. One of the best strikers in football history.

In Marco Van Basten he met all the requirements of a perfect striker; height, auction, good passing game, game viewing, speed, clear, goal and dribble with excellent planted to leave the defenses. all, under a stratospheric elegance.

Marco Van Basten, one of the best in history at his post

Born in Utrecht in 1964 and formed in the lower levels of Ajax, their first match 3 April 1982 Amsterdam with the team was going to be a premonition of what was to be his career: Johan Cruyff replaced and score another goal. A whole achievement for a boy of just 18 years, already I am going to get that same season their first Dutch league.

Marco Van Basten
Marco Van Basten debuted at Ajax in the early 80's. PHOTO: Ajax

Year 83 It was the confirmation. Nine goals 20 matches, for Ajax would win the league with 106 goals scored and just two defeats. Figures to which should be added the Cup title harvested by the rojiblancos. His outstanding performance did not go in vain, which she led him to make debut with the selection the same 7 September 1983 in a match against Iceland.

One year later Marco Van Basten he would definitely become a big European football. Despite finishing third in league, Utrecht striker would mark the not inconsiderable figure of 28 goals in 26 games earning him a flood of praise for his refined technique and easy to see door. Not for nothing was silver boot Europe, surpassed only by Ian Rush del Liverpool.

Johan Cruyff, more than a mentor to him

The arrival of Johan Cruyff to the sports management of Ajax once again represented a step forward in the career of Marco Van Basten. New champions (84-85) and top scorer of the championship with 22 goals, Van Basten and sounded hard to strengthen the leading teams of the continent. A top scorer would repeat the following year, when he would get awarded the golden boot after scoring 37 League goals. An effort yet, he would not grant a new league title.

His signing for Sacchi's Milan took him to glory

The last season of Marco Van Basten with Ajax would be marked by the signing by AC Milan. Berlusconi had bespoken the transfer of Dutch striker in season two and a half million dollars, It prompting Marco dosificase to avoid injury.

So he decided not to play in the league when he had midweek European competition. These energy savings would be useless, because Ajax would be proclaimed champion of the Recopa with a goal from Marco Van Basten against the German Lokomotiv of Leizpig. Total, Marco would end with Ajax 128 goals in 133 matches, a crazy figure for the time before being part of the Sacchi Milan, one of the best teams in history.

Marco Van Basten was the & quot; Killer" the great Milan of Arrigo Sacchi.
Marco Van Basten was the “Killer” the great Milan of Arrigo Sacchi.

Euro Star 88, Golden Ball and win at Calcio

Arrival at Milan season 87-88 It was not easy for Van Basten. numerous injuries ( the most important operation collarbone) They kept him out of action most of the season, which it did not prevent it was called by Netherlands to dispute the Euro 88 from Germany. In her, despite leaving alternate, he was going to become the big star by scoring in the final against the USSR his most famous goal, after hooking a spectacular volley.

After the summer, Marco Van Basten he returned to Milan where he was to complete two fabulous seasons that were to lead to win the Ballon d'Or 1988 Y 1989. In those two years, He won two European Cups. Particularly noteworthy was the first with the Dutch marking 9 goals in 10 parties and contributing to the final with two goals against Steaua.

Marco Van Basten
The Golden Ball was clear Dutch Color.

further, manage to win the Italian top scorer in 1990. Only the great Maradona Napoli could stop the Milan Marco Van Basten and Sacchi. The season 91-92 It was superb for him. Won a league without losing a single game and again the top scorer trophy auparon him a new golden ball (the third) and one FIFA World Player.

Injuries ended Marco Van Basten's career

But nevertheless, the big race of the Dutch fine would be cut short by injuries, especially ankle he suffered in the season 92-93, which he led to its abandonment of football with only 29 years lost end of the European Cup 1993 against Olympique Marseille. This was the last game of the great Marco Van Basten. It was the farewell of one of the greatest strikers in history.

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