That famous class “92”: the great Manchester United

Aquella famosa clase del “92”: el gran Manchester United
That mythical class of 92 who made history at Manchester United. PHOTO: Brand

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Year 1992 marked the beginning of an important stage at Manchester United Who could forget those wonderful years where everything was illusion and happiness? Those years of school where everything seemed to matter little and everything was easier than now. Surely, anyone, especially if it is combined with the beginning of a football life.

that life, of some young people excited about football that leave almost everything to devote to it, collect “The class of 92“, and exceptional reporting on the success of Manchester United and six key men in the recent history of the “red devils”, namely: David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Brothers Gary y Phil Neville y Nicky Butt.

The ‘Class of 92’, the beginning of a team for history

La clase del 92 Manchester United
The class of 92 it was the start of one of the best Manchester United teams in history. PHOTO: The Spanish

All members of the victory in the FA Youth Cup 1992 and seven years later the famous and historic treble Premier, FA and Champions achieved in Barcelona against Bayern Munich. sacrifices, hard training, a lot of hope, and above all, a huge friendship is what contains a tape that make these characters get some normal kids with aspirations to achieve important things.

Of course, more than the documentary that should be seen about these footballers, It is convenient to talk about its impact on one of the most prestigious and important clubs in the world and its importance in UK and outside its borders.

Sir Alex Ferguson, the father of this excellent generation of footballers

They were the engine of a team led by Sir Alex Ferguson who implanted a rapid balloon circulation, a beautiful band play with Giggs on the left end and Beckham making the right precious balls serving the area. Continuous waves of attack that ended in many occasions, a young Paul Scholes then while Butt and Neville brothers contributed the necessary security back to Schmeichel had saved well back.

An example of team where the good atmosphere reigned, where the six remaining after games to party and where to make happy was the most important. You could talk about the Champions won, Club World conquered, six Premier you made since 1995 a 2001, of the 2 FA CUP expired or 3 Community Shields on his back.

clase del 92 Manchester United
That mythical class of 92 that gave Manchester United so many success PHOTO: Brand

A good resume, without doubt, to summarize achievements in their careers. But it would be unfair, they did not provide only titles. They got much more. Show, repercussion, prestige, They were a perfect cluster and a well-oiled machine as doing things right. In his memory, thus, it is post.

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