Gigi Meroni, the tragedy was fattened with Italian Best

Gigi Meroni, the tragedy was fattened with Italian Best
Gigi Meroni, Best Italian Torino had very bad end. PHOTO: Google

Do you know who it was Gigi Meroni? At Hanging for football we always want to tell the best or most important stories that have happened in this always controversial world of football.. We already talked about the mythical history of Torino, a team touched by tragedies. And the story of Gigi Meroni, the one who was known as the George Best Italian was not for less. A great player who became legend soon, but because of a quite bizarre tragedy.

The Superga tragedy saves the Grande Torino’

As we speak, the Torino, the late 40, He dominated the international soccer with a power that few could you deal, This team was known as the “Grande Torino“. this great team died in a plane crash when returning from a friendly in Lisbon, when they crashed in the superga hill, which is located in the Italian city of Turin. The pilot of that plane that crashed that fateful day was called Gigi Meroni, but they called him Tooth. As if by some kind of cosmic law the events were connected, a few decades later he was going to appear on the scene of ‘Toro’ otro Gigi Meroni, but this time on the green. Although his story was going to end in drama too.

Gigi Meroni and the tragedy of Superga
In the tragedy of Superga, only survived a member of the legendary Torino. PHOTO: Wikipedia


Gigi Meroni, ‘The Best Italian’

Almost 20 years after this tragedy, the Torino, it was starting to be an important football team again and it was with a cheeky young man who played football like the angels. Looking very similar to a Beattle and with him 7 To the back, evenings gave glory to fans ” Toro”. The name of this young man, Gigi Meroni, “Tooth”. Chance and perhaps fate as we said before, They made the man who piloted the plane carrying “Grande Torino” and the man destined to make it big again were called equal. The end, as we have advanced before, It was tragic for both.

Gigi Meroni, He was born 24 February 1943 in Como, Italy. Precisely, on that team was to begin his career as a footballer, a path that would take him to the Torino, the team where he was going to give his best years of glory and the last of his life. I played extreme, with the 7 to the back and had an innate ability to dribble and speed endiablada. His physical appearance, their shapes and their game, They remembered much a contemporary player of his time, a George Best, They compared with that.

gigi meroni 4
Gigi Meroni was a great player with a career that was cut short. PHOTO: Google

But not only because of his qualities as a footballer they compared him with the phenomenal and lively British player. Tooth, It was a peculiar kind, of those who gave headlines and stories. It was bohemian; painter; poet; passionate about music and culture. Tooth, It was an unusual person at a time that was not his, what made certain conservatives not to look at him favorably. Young, eager for change and progress , They admired as a hero.

Gigi Meroni, It was such a peculiar type, I was able to walk around Turin with her fuck pet on a leash. Up to this point, there would be nothing special if it were not for his pet was a chicken. It was the first to wear long hair or beards, he did not care what 'opinions, He did not go unnoticed neither on the field nor outside of it. The 15 October 1967, Gigi gave an exhibition against Sampdoria, in a victory for his team by four goals to two. After the match, Coach, concentrated the team for a European match to be held that Wednesday.

Gigi Meroni and his hen.
Gigi Meroni and his hen. PHOTO: Google

The dramatic and bizarre ending of Gigi Meroni

As restless ass it was, I could not stay focused without further, so he asked the coach to go out to eat ice cream with a fellow. The coach agreed on condition they returned in 10 minutes, Tooth, never came back. When he was about to cross the street to conquer his precious ice cream, It was hit by a Fiat of the time, which he caused serious injuries that caused his death hours later.

The young man who ran over blanched, more so when he saw whom he had run over. This young, I was an unconditional follower of Gigi Meroni, imitaba sus looks, had his room lined with posters of him and suddenly, he had killed his idol. The young man, it was called Attilio Romero.

As the story could not end here, thirty-four years later, Attilio Romero, He became president of Torino, a position he held until recently, trying to return from the offices that snatched glory from the wheel of his Fiat. He was not very lucky and led the club to disaster, like a few decades before when it ended with Gigi Meroni who entered the gallery of legends, as almost always unfortunate.

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